How much does it cost to hire a UK freelance copyeditor or proofreader?

As a basic guide, my prices are based on the CIEP suggested minimum hourly rates:

Proofreading £26.90 per hour

Copyediting £31.30 per hour

I can give you a quote based on word count, or number of A4 pages, or a flat fee depending on your preference.

Flexible fees

I am flexible with my fees. I don't adhere to a rigid pricing structure as assignments are so varied and diverse. I will, however, provide a tailor-made quote based on your individual needs, and nature of your material.
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Prices of Proofreading

No-obligation quote

I would need the following information.

  • Nature of the material brochure, website, fiction/non-fiction book, marketing material, essay, thesis, menu, etc.

  • Length of the material either word count or number of pages.

  • Is it written by one author or multi-author? Native or non-native speaker(s)?

  • Level of editing required proofreading, copyediting, proof-editing. If you're unsure we can discuss this.

When the work will be submitted and when you require it to be returned.

An invoice will be sent on completion, payable within 30 days.

No VAT payable on my fees.
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